Beginning Intermediate Advanced Weapons Specialty

Like Traditional Empty Hand forms, Traditional Weapon forms are an integral part of the study of Kung Fu. Learning to handle objects and making them an extension of oneself as well as discovering the nuances of space, distance and movement are unique to the study of weapons as well as a completely different experience from Empty Hand studies.


Series 1: Praying Mantis Broad Sabre

Mantis Broad Sword is a fundamental short weapon form in the Praying Mantis System. This form combines basic Broad Sword fighting techniques with Praying Mantis body movements; making it valuable for both practical fighting and artistic performance. The Broad Sword—with it’s fierce, powerful movements and effective blocking and instant counter attack—is considered to be the heart of all weapons.

Series 2: Praying Mantis Staff

Mantis Staff is a fundamental long weapon form in the Praying Mantis System. This form combines basic staff fighting techniques with Praying Mantis body movements. It can be used for self-defense and is also very beautiful when performed, which is why it is considered to be the most fundamental of all weapons. In fighting, a staff fighter uses brushing, striking, thrusting, sweeping, and tilting techniques on his opponent. It is easy to learn, easy to use and very practical against multiple opponents.

Series 3&4: Tai Chi Sticky Staff Fighting Set

Grandmaster Jiang Yu Kung of Beijing taught the Sticky Staff Fighting Set in the 1970s. This form shows the fundamental offensive and defensive techniques of a staff by using Tai Chi fighting principles and will be the first form a student learns by working with another student as a team. By learning this form, a practitioner can improve his or her accuracy, speed, footwork and coordination in long weapons sparring.

Series 5: Xing Yi Three Treasures Straight Sword/Fight Set

In 1928, it was mandatory for students in the Nan King Guo Shu Institute to learn the Three Treasures Straight Sword form. It is an excellent representation of a classical Kung Fu short weapon form. The Straight Sword was a common weapon for military generals, scholars and noblemen going back to ancient times in China. “Three Treasures” refers to the three forces of the universe: Heaven, Earth, Man, and and represents the completeness of this Straight Sword form. It contains all Straight Sword basics including thrusting, tilting, cutting, pointing, sweeping and slicing. As additionally, this form is unique because it can be performed both as a solo form and as a two person fighting form.

Series 6: Shaolin Broken Gate Spear

A popular classical Kung Fu long weapon, the spear is known as the King of all weapons and is represented by even, straight and extremely fast movements. Basic spear techniques include inside and outside parries, thrusting, pointing, tilting, smashing and flowering. The Shaolin Broken Gate Spear was passed down by a student of Nan King Guo Shu Institute Grandmaster Jiang Hao Quan. This form has been condensed to six sections and contains all of the most common spear techniques.