Competition is excellent for honing skills and improving focus. It can also add a lot of fun and excitement to your Kung Fu experience. And, to top it off, it allows you to go one-on-one with an opponent in a safer and less threatening environment than Combative Kung Fu.

San Da Group Class

San Da Technique
The San Da Workout is designed for students to simultaneously learn basic self-defense techniques and receive intense whole-body conditioning. The instructor will show students basic fighting stances, footwork, punching, kicking, elbow, knee and throwing techniques as well as kick/punch combinations and elbow/knee combinations. Students will use hitting pads and drill techniques with a partner.

San Da Sparring
Sparring puts students’ Sanda techniques to the test in real situations. Students will spar in pairs for rounds varying from 3 to 5 minutes. Techniques from San Da or any traditional techniques learned from a Traditional Forms class can be used. This is a light contact class, and it is to be seen as a way to hone skills learned and to familiarize students with in-ring fighting against an opponent.

The San Da Certificate Series teaches:
1. San Da Basics
2. San Da Punching and Kicking
3. San Da Elbow and Knee
4. San Da Fast Throws

Duan Bing (Chinese Fencing) Special Interest Class

Although it is a sport by nature, Duan Bing is probably the closest¬†one can get to the techniques and situations of a real sword fight without the possibility of drawing blood. Duan Bing is both technically challenging and very fast-paced making for an exciting sport to both watch and perform. Using a soft weapon, students learn all the necessary details to attack and defend including one-hand, two-hand, fighting from the ground, lunge/jump offensives, kicking, punching and grabbing. If you’ve ever admired swordsmen of any kind, then Duan Bing is the sport for you.

The Duan Bing Certificate Series teaches:
1. Duan Bing Basics
2. Duan Bing Offensive and Defensive Techniques
3. Duan Bing Specialty Techniques
4. Duan Bing combined with San Shou