Beijing Tai Chi and Kung Fu Academy

A modern approach to teaching traditional kung fu excellence



Traditional Kung Fu is the soul of BTKA. Sifu Wang believes very strongly that students require both breadth and depth of education to truly grasp the underlying theories that make up Kung Fu…

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While external Kung Fu focuses on muscle strength, flexibility and speed, internal Kung Fu emphasizes concentration, internal organ strength and the movement of energy (called Qi [“chee”] in Mandarin) through the body…

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The ultimate test of any martial art is its success in a true combat situation. And, when studied properly, Kung Fu is simply the best. But studying for real fighting situations is perhaps the most difficult aspect of…

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Competition is excellent for honing skills and improving focus. It can also add a lot of fun and excitement to your Kung Fu experience. And, to top it off, it allows you to go one-on-one with an opponent in a safer and…

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Knowledge. Experience. And a passion to teach.

One of the most important parts of learning Kung Fu is your instructor.
Sifu Wang and his hand-picked teachers understand this and strive to make the learning experience both enjoyable and rewarding.