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Six Plum Flower Praying Mantis Special Interest Class

Six-Plum Flower Praying Mantis was created by Wang Lang during the late Ming Dynasty. Six Plum Flower Praying Mantis was taught by Master Ma Han Qing in Beijing between 1960 and 1990. The form imitates the actions of a praying mantis and combines them with the offensive and defensive skills of the martial arts. Six Plum Flower Praying Mantis uses small steps, continuous movements and quick offensive or defensive techniques. By practicing Praying Mantis Boxing one can improve his or her body coordination, speed, balance, agility and reflexes.

Six-Plum Flower Praying Mantis Series teaches:
1. Beng Bu Form
2. Fourth Zhai Yao Form
3. First and Second Elbow Forms
4. Mantis Hook Form
5. Mantis Sanshou (Mantis Application)
6. Mantis 2-Hand Long Sword Form