BTKA USA Fee Structure

Fee Structure

Are you interested in receiving private instruction?
You can have a completely private and customized lesson, or share lessons with others for the same hourly rate.
Please see the Private Instruction section or contact Sifu Wang to discuss receiving private instruction.

Group Classes

On-Line Group Class
(Payment: Zelle or Venmo)

Traditional Weapons Program
(One class per week)

Any Class

Traditional Kung Fu / Tai Chi / Kung Fu Sparring & Self-Defense Programs:

(1 class per week)

(2 classes per week)

(3 classes per week)







Specialty Courses

Xing Yi, Six Plum Flower Praying Mantis, Qin Na, Ba Gua, Duan Bing, Chang Bing and Shuai Jaio Programs
(One class per week for each program)


Multi-Course Discounts

Students taking multiple classes will get discounts accordingly.
Professional Flat Rate: up to five of any classes.

(Requires Sifu Wang’s consent; maximum of 5 classes)


Pre-Payment Discounts

Three months in advance

Six months in advance

Twelve months in advance




Family Member Discounts

Families taking classes will get discounts accordingly.