Biography and Medals

Will studied Praying Mantis and Southern Style Kung Fu before coming to BTKA in 2002. Having completed the Traditional Empty-Hand, Ba Gua, and Traditional Weapons programs, as well as learning Qin Na and other advanced forms beyond the regular curriculum, he now focuses on an intensive study of the internal style Ba Gua, which emphasizes circular energy and the lucky number 8.

“I am so happy to have found this school! The people are friendly and good-humored. Sifu Jonathan Wang’s authenticity is beyond reproach. The impressive scope of his training gives us a great variety of styles to explore, as well as access to rare traditional forms you won’t find anywhere else outside of China. The workout involves your mind as well as your body, so it’s always engaging and entertaining. This is not the stuff you see in movies. This is real Chinese Kung Fu!”