Biography and Medals

Oscar began studying Kung Fu at BTKA in January of 2000. He is well versed in over thirty Traditional Northern Kung Fu Empty Hands Forms, over fourteen different Kung Fu Weapons Forms, and in Contemporary Wu Shu. He has additional experience in San Da (San Shou, a form of Kung Fu Kick Boxing), as well as gymnastics and some other martial arts styles. Oscar has been a BTKA instructor and a UCLA Kung Fu instructor since 2000. He has been teaching gymnastics at UCLA since 2002. Oscar’s professional resume includes gymnastics and stunts for Xtreme Martial Arts “XMA,” Cirque Du Soliel in 1999, and is currently a stuntman/choreographer since 2002. He has choreographed the infamous fight scene in the viral YouTube hit, “Ryan vs Dorkman II.”

Oscar has won many championships in both Traditional and Wu Shu divisions. He has earned seventeen golds, three silvers and two bronzes medals.


15th Annual Berkeley Chinese Martial Arts Tournament
Berkeley, California

silver2nd Place Traditional Empty Hand – Chuo Jaio Fan Zi
silver2nd Place Traditional Empty Hand – Six Plum Flower Mantis
silver2nd Place Traditional Short Weapon – Mantis Sabre
bronze3rd Place Traditional Short Weapon – Praying Mantis Staff


Battle of L.A.
Van Nuys, California

gold 1st Place Modern Wu Shu Empty Hand – Long Fist
gold 1st Place Traditional Long Weapon – Praying Mantis Staff