Does BTKA teach a specific style?

Our overarching focus is Northern Style Kung Fu. Within that discipline, The major styles we teach include:
• Pi Gua (Splitting and Hooking Fist)
• Chuo Jiao (Piercing Feet Boxing)
• Ba Ji (Eight Extreme Fist)
• Ying Shou (Eagle Claw)
• Mei Hua Tong Lang (Six Plum Flower Praying Mantis)
• Ba Gua (Eight Tri-gram)
• Xing Yi (Form and Mind Fist)
• Yang Style Tai Chi
• Sanda (Chinese Kick Boxing)
• Shuai Jiao (Chinese Wrestling)
• Qin Na (Joint Manipulation)
• Duan Bing (Weapons Sparring)
• Traditional Weapon Forms.

In addition to traditional styles, we also offer modern Wushu instruction.

How much does it cost?

Group Classes
1. Traditional Kung Fu / Tai Chi / Kung Fu Sparring & Self-Defence Programs:
(1 class per week) $75/month
(2 classes per week) $115/month
(3 classes per week) $155/month

$85/month (One Class/week)

3. Any Class
(Drop-in / Trial) $25/Class

Advanced Payment Discounts
Three months in advance: 5% discount
Six months in advance: 10% discount
Twelve months in advance: 15% discount

Multi-Course Discounts: students taking multiple classes will get discounts accordingly.
Pricing for Select Courses (Xing Yi and Six Plum Flower Preying Mantis): $85/month (One Class/week)

Is there a ranking system?

Yes. Unlike most other martial arts schools, we do not offer “intermediate” belts. Students study from day one for their Black Sashes. Black Sashes can be earned in almost all of our General Kung Fu categories, including Traditional Kung Fu, Combative Kung Fu, Sport Kung Fu and Internal Kung Fu. A student that achieves a Black Sash in every category receives a Master Black Sash and earns the right to be called Sifu.

What equipment is required?

For all classes, students must purchase a school T-shirt ($25) and a pair of Kung Fu Shoes ($28). Students must wear them during any class attended.

For weapons classes, a practice weapon for each form must be purchased (Prices vary between weapons).
For the Sanda Workout Class, students must purchase a pair of boxing gloves. In addition to the Workout gear, For the Sanda Sparring Class, a complete set of sparring gear (mouth piece, helmet, shin guards, cup (for males), elbow pads, and knee pads) is required.

Are injuries common?

Classes are conducted by experienced instructors with the students’ safety being the first priority. Every class is designed to teach at a pace and in an order that will keep injuries to an absolute minimum (in particular, the Sanda Sparring Class is light contact and students unable to show control are excluded from instruction). However, as in all martial arts or other high-exertion sports, injuries occasionally occur. We strongly recommend students to have health insurance. BTKA and its instructors are not liable for any injuries occurring directly prior to, during or directly following any class.

When should I pay?

Full tuition is due before the 10th of each month. Payments made after the 15th of each month an additional $10 late fee. There are no refunds after payment is made.